McGregor technical services is a well established business within the Livingston and surrounding areas with made to measure sheet metals, so if you are a company looking for the materials to enable you to do the job or even if you are thinking about doing some metal work home improvements yourself then McGregor technical services can advise you on the correct materials, metal and supply you with them to carry out the job.

We supply many different types of metals and materials in different sizes at very reasonable prices. Sheet metal is commonly used now a days for things such as Fences, furniture, automobiles and even computers. Sheet metal unlike metal bars is flat.  McGregor technical services can also help you with shaping the metal just the way you want it by cutting, welding or even bending it to your desired requirements within our workshop as we have all the tools to carry out these processes. Our qualified workmen will ensure you get the service you desire and leave our premises 100% satisfied.

McGregor technical services have had lots of there business selling metals, shaping metals etc within Livingston area through word of mouth due to the quality of service we provide each and every time to each and every one of our clients.

If this is a service you would like/need then why not give us a call or email us to discuss further and answering any questions you may have.