McGregor technical services have been running for many years now within the Livingston and surrounding areas and have gained a lot of our business through word of mouth due to the excellent work and customer service within Livingston.

Most of our work is supplying tradesmen with the materials to carry out the job they have to do, whether it be aluminium roofing panels for new homes or businesses.

We can provide as many or as little aluminium roofing panels as you require and ensuring you get the correct size of materials as this can be delivered within our workshop were we have all the relevant machinery and tools to carry out this process.

Aluminium roofing panels is usually the lightest metal used for roofing but its strenght to weight ratio is the highest and most common metal used for roofing.

Our qualified tradesmen have been in this industry for many years now and will always deliver you a great service and ensure you are happy with the materials in which we provide.

So if you are a tradesmen or even someone looking for this service then why not give us a call or drop us an email to discuss further and answer any questions you may have regarding the materials and services that we can provide to you.